Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Back soon

I'm a bit late with posting. Still alive, only Hubby came home Finally and we are spending time together, and I have another appointment for my son this time in the City. Also a workshop on Thursday. So hopefully Friday I will be back with something to post.


chelemom said...

So glad to hear you are spending time with your hubby!!! : ) Enjoy!

Malin said...

My email is a bit crazy... Could you send me mail to see if it´s working. I´ve got my email on Niklas computer now and I don´t know if it´s working.

Claudia said...

hey.. sophia,
its enough cuddled with hubby :-) need to see more of your cards to case.

just kidding you know :-)
big hug

Inger Marie said...

I love your card with the monkey on. The monkey is so cute :)

Hugs from Inger Marie

Anonymous said...

Sophie, Sophie where are you? I miss your cards. I miss your creativity. :)

Anonymous said...

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