Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm Back with a Blog Hop from Sugar Nellie

I am finally back, and posting! I thought I might never get to this point lol, but I think I have finally reached the point when I can start posting sporadically. I do a bit of surfing while I am nursing my new almost 3 month old son. It is the only time that I have to just sit and relax. I've been keeping up with every ones blog's but have never been that great at posting comments with only one hand lol. So I happened one day upon Sugar Nellies Blog when they were offering the chance to participate in a Blog Hop featuring their new artist Diane Duda. She is a phenomenal artist who features some truly unique pieces. I was thrilled to try one of her new stamps. They are whimsical and versatile. I was trying in these cards to create a totally different look from what I normally do. The first card is supposed to be the dark and light side found in all of us. The picture is not great because it is late and my lighting is terrible. I will try to re- do the photo's tomorrow. The second card is a gorgeous deep purple which sadly I have not yet captured but hope to do so tomorrow. It is created with Derwent Inktense. I love how rich these watercolor pencils are. Check out the next blog in the hop so that you can see some more fantastic artwork. Karen's Cards is next in the list, have fun.