Monday, February 11, 2008

Well tonight I am to darn tired to even stamp *frown*. I signed myself up for morning exercise classes with childcare included. Essentially I am paying someone to torture me. I am so tired that It is almost to much effort to write lol. So I figured I would do something which I have been neglecting to do for a while. Some of you might know that I detest writing on my blog. I like to post pictures , and I would love to do a voice recording of what I used, but I hate to sit here and type. It is just to monotonous. I am more of a face to face or phone person. So yes I have been hiding in a little shell avoiding writing this post out of sheer laziness. So now I have no excuse. ( and please don't think that I don't appreciate your kindness, its just that besides being lazy, I would rather mostly be stamping then typing).

From Kraftin Kimmie who is one of my Fav. bloggers, and who's work I love Is the Excellent Award. Here is the part I hate, trying to single out only a few bloggers of all that I love.
1. Claudia from Pretty Pressings ( always has great projects and cards)
2. Ila from Artfully Illa ( her work is breathtaking)
3. Leslie from Running with Scissors ( all I can say is wow)
4. Inge from Patterned Paper ( fantastic layouts and designs)
5. Marlene from A Lil'bit of me ( great cards and technique)

Ok, next the You Cheer Me Up Award from Heike's Stempelwelt Thank you so much, You Cheer me up also. Let me tell you ladies that sometimes the fun things you guys do is what keeps me going as well as inspires me.

1. Libby's Little Addiction
2. Chelemom's Thoughts of a Cardmaking Scrapbooker
3. Flossies Follies
4. Rose Ann with Paper Delightz
5. Marga with Marjas Scrapfun

Ok, lastly is the You make my day award from Ila over at Artfully Ila's . This lady rocks!!!

1. Laura from Paper and Glue ( awsome blogger, great work, and such fun to visit)
2. Donna from Serenity in Stamping ( Lot's of fun, and her cupcake work makes you hungry)
3. Kraftin'kimmies Korner ( I love all her stuff and would nominate her for everything)
4. Michelle from Paper Cuts ( such classy elegant cards which make me smile)
5. Andrea at Andrea's Sunny Stampin ( actually I nominate her for all three because she is amazingly talented, She is really sweet in person, She always makes my day, and she's my sister! Oh ya and I know I will make her day by making her take the time to post this hee hee! What are sisters for?)

Well to be honest I like all my blogging friends and everyone on my blogroll and about 60 more that I have not yet uploaded because my list would take forever to scroll down on. I picked some because I know they sometimes visit. Some of the ones I like I am not even sure that they would get it. So consider yourself tagged cuz I luv you all!


Flossie's Follies said...

Oh my you have received a lot of awards thank you for the "Cheer Me Up" Award, love Lucy and Ethel.

Donna said...

thanks, Sophia! what an honor-I'm so glad I make your day (of course you make mine by taking time to comment on my blog too) LOVE your stuff, girl

Claudia said...

ahhh sweetie... thank you so very much!!!
you are so kind.
i feel so honoured to be mentioned by two so awesome stampers as you are and kimmie!!!


Marja Sch said...

Tanks very much Sophia. I feel very honoured. Hugs Marja

chelemom said...

Thanks sweetie! I too am VERY lazy about that stuff! I don't mean to be.........

Ila said...

Thank you So Much Sophia!! I am so Honered to recieve this award from you...Have a Great Day!!

Rose Ann said... are just too sweet!! Congratulations on all of your awards! You deserve them, Sophia!!!

Thank you for awarding me the 'You Cheer Me Up Award', as well! I am so honored to receive this from you!

Libby said...

Thanks so much Sophia! It cheers me up to know that I cheer you up! :-)