Saturday, May 31, 2008

Masking Tutorial

So today is the tutorial I promised on tricky masking. I did a duck card a while ago. One of the things that is important to know how to do when using Rosies Roadshow stamps is how to mask. Know I know that masking is pretty basic for most of us, but when using a ton of accessories as is common with this line and Magnolia is that you really have to stop and think about order and little tricks to make it easier. Oh ya, and I was also asked a question about creating the blue backgrounds on my stamps.
For starters I make masks out of Eclipse paper for everything I am going to need to mask. The great thing about Eclipse paper is that it is pre-tacky and comes on a big roll. It will last forever and it saves me the time of putting the two way glue on my images. The other thing I have in hand is my Stamp-ma-jig which is essential for proper placement.

To create the duck card I started with placing the mask down in the spot where I would wanted the bath to be. Please remember that I am doing this quickly and am not aiming for perfect placement right now. If you notice, I have cut up a section at the back of the bath so that the bath line will not run through my duck.
Using the Stamp-ma-jig I stamp my duck and shower head.
I remove the bathtub mask and then place a mask over the duck and shower head. make sure the duck and shower mask do not go below the front bath tub line. If you prefer not to cut your duck short, then let the mask sit normal and fill in the lines after you stamp the bathtub. That is what I did so that I could keep my mask complete.
Bathtub is stamped.
I remove my mask and you see the empty spot where the masks were.

I then fill in the lines with my Faber Castell Pitt Pen.
I replace the bathtub mat and and stamp the rug.
Here is the finished piece. It is actually quite fast to do when the masks are all cut out. ( yes I know I did a bad job stamping the rug, I was doing it fast).
Next I hand draw the little hearts. If I had a heart stamp I would use my stampa-ma-jig to stamp them.
Ok, for the background color I use Twinkling H2O's. I pick the colors I want and using my waterbrush and a quick circular motion I pick my points to add and spread color. Usually I go into the V areas and then blend the colors out. You could also use watercolor or re-inkers to do this. If you are not using watercolor paper then please remember to not overdo the water.

I then move in with my darker color and again look for the natural V's to add in a darker shade for more depth. Hope this helps.


Kristine said...
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Kristine said...

This tutorial is SUPER Sophia! Take a look at my blog! I've tagged you ;)

BryndĂ­s H. said...

Thanks a lot for this tutorial. Now I just have to try better myself ;) I see there is MUST to have those Twinkling H2O's ;)

Have a nice day!

MichelleO said...

Great Tutorial, I absolutely loved that duck card when you posted it! And love the blue twinkling H2O' know I have a ton of them and never used it like that... will now =)!

Rose Ann said...

Fabulous tutorial, Sophia!! You make it looks simple! Thanks a bunch!!

Anonymous said...

Super tutorial and I agree with Rose Ann...You make it look simple! TFS!!

chelemom said...

FAntastic tutorial!!! I just purchased that Eclipse paper and can't wait to get it! I do have a question for you. Do you generally use watercolor paper for your images? What kind do you use?

Velta said...

You are so sweet to share this tutorial with us...gotta go get me some decent watercolor paper and try this out...TFS

Tina said...

Sophia thank you for an absolutely fantastic tutorial, i've already added it to my internet tutorial folder.... your really are a great teacher... Crafty hugs Tina x

Mel M. M. M. said...

Amazing tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work and talent :0)

Ila said...

Great Tutorial Sophie! I am going to have to get that Eclipse sure looks handy...TFS!!

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