Saturday, July 07, 2007

Well I've been tagged by Yvette and I am supposed to list 7 little known facts about myself.

1. I am a total computer idiot, would you believe that I just figured out how to add the hyper link so that I doesn't show the whole address? Also I avoided blogging and uploading to splitcoast for so long because I would have to learn how to do it myself. I admit I am intimidated by computers!
2. I love art, painting, coloring and artist materials. I am such a sucker for a new color or medium. I used to do painting and sketching in school and I always have to have some element of art in my life. The joy with stamping is that I can color to my hearts content without worrying if my image is perfect! And as for artist materials, I own water colors, soft pastels, color pencils, alcohol markers, water based markers etc... do you see the problem? I can't stop!
3. Gardening is another one of my loves, but only outdoors. It would seem that I need natures help to water my plants. My husband tells me that I have a green thumb outdoors, but a black thumb indoors. I once managed to kill an Aloe Vera plant.....and that's tough. Somehow I managed to forget about it for 2 years. It was cannibalizing its own leaves for nourishment. When I finally got around to remembering it, I watered it tons and put it in the sun ( it was in a dark corner). I think the shock killed it. Needless to say unless its bouquet, I am not permitted to have indoor plants.
4. I trained a a professional cook at Cordon Bleu and college for management, I have worked in professional French kitchens, and I am now a stay at home mom! I realized as soon as I had kids that it was a terrible profession to have if you want to see your kids grow up!
5. I HATE creamed spinach. As a child I would gag over it, as an adult I still gag over it. I will be open minded to most things......but not creamed spinach..........or raw onions for that matter.
6. I went bungee jumping when my daughter was 1 and 1/2 years old.
7. Even as an adult on my own I was scared to tell my dad that I had got a tiny tattoo on my back. He found out by accident and his reaction still inspires a chuckle in me.

Well now I'm supposed to tag someone else so I pick:
hope to see you play along and find out more about you :)


Libby Hickson aka stampinlibby said...

That is so interesting that you trained at Cordon Bleu! I have also had dreams of becoming a cook/chef - most recently pastry chef - but agree that it's not for me, now that I'm a mommy!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, the tidbits you learn about a person! It's hard to be a mommy no matter what your job when you work outside the home. My hat is off to anyone who can stay home with their kids. I wish more people were able to do it. Thanks for the tag, too!