Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tagged and going on vacation

Wow, I'm so excited, I was tagged three times, once by Libby , once By Ana, and once by Karen . I have to say that I admire the work of these three ladies immensely! Libby always has awesome cards, and her Blog is a great place to start for inspiration as well as being chalk full of great photography and interesting stories. Ana is amazingly talented, and I am always envious of nack for putting together amazing color combinations as well as awesome layout and textures. Karen has a great Blog full of fun cards with great elements, one of the favorite being an acetate card. Each of these ladies are talented, creative, and great people to boot. They are all on my multiple daily visit list ( I always hope for multiple postings)
Now I think I'm supposed to nominate other people, but I'm not sure how many? So I will start with:
Andrea Walford . She has a real nack for simple yet elegant cards. I often find for workshops or classes, I get stumped trying to pare down to the basics. Andrea's Blog is always the first I visit for inspiration! I think she has mastered this difficult aspect of stamping - how to make something look great, yet keeping it simple and not to time consuming.
Leslie Miller her cards are always gorgeous and elegant. The lines are clean, and the embellishments are tasteful. everything in her cards seems carefully chosen and to serve the purpose of making a harmonious whole.
Jean She has a lovely Blog with many lovely cards. Everything she makes is beautiful and tasteful. Nothing is over the top but rather fun and approachable.
Well I could probably name tons more people who's work I admire, but I think most everyone has been tagged! As for me I may not be posting until August 12. I am going to visit my sister, and I am not sure if I will have anything to post. She has an awesome stamp room which she will let me run amuck in, but I'm not sure of uploading possibilities!
Thanks so much for your kind and wonderful comments, they are often the highlight of my day!


Jean said...

Sophie, Thank you ever so much for tagging me and for your oh so kind words! Love your latest cards as usual. Now I want to tag on but firstly I have to learn how to put the links in my posting!!
Have a wonderful time with your sister - sounds like a wonderful stamp room to be in too!!
Cheers, Jean

Flossie's Follies said...

Congratulations, you Rock

chelemom said...

I nominated you too! A couple of days ago...I should have let you know...sorry! You deserve it, you talented girl!

dini said...

another nomination from me! Have a great vacation!


Tejal said...

I know you've been tagged like a zillion times, but here's Another nomination from me.

I had to let you know that you rock.