Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm back, but can't upload photo's

Ack, believe it or not I'm back, and I've had time to stamp, except that I can't post it. It would seem that either my dear husband or I left the cable that connects the camera to the computer behind. Now I personally can say that I have not touched it the entire trip. I can also say that though I don't know for sure about my husband, I'm inclined to blame him for either mispacking it or leaving it behind somewhere! Therefore as soon as I can a) find it b) buy one or c) have mine mailed to me if it is missing then I am unable to post pictures.
Anyhoo for anyone who is interested in knowing, my vacation was great except for one great flaw..................I could not stamp! I had some great new stamping products, but no where to stamp. My sisters stamp room was under renovations headed by my husband, and her husband. Argggg, talk about miserable timing. My dad's house of course has no stamp room. Well there is no place like home, I can't wait to stamp some more, that means more stuff to upload when we get the darn camera sorted out!


Nancy said...

Sophie, check your other computer cables.... my camera just takes a regular USB cable so almost *any* cable will work.... good luck!

chelemom said...

So glad you are back! How was your vacation?

Leslie Miller said...

Well, it's nice to have you back! I hope you enjoyed your time away from home. I'll look forward to new things when you get your cable situation squared away!