Thursday, May 31, 2007

Well, I wasn't actually going to post anything tonight. In fact, I wasn't even going to stamp. I am sorely in need of some summer bottoms, and since I can't wear cards, I figured I better crack open my poor neglected sewing machine, and use some of the fabric I have, to make what I need. Well I forgot that I had to wash the fabric first, so into the wash it went, and out popped the stamps......just while I waited. Well I am now one card later and in the wee hours of the morning again. So anyway I decided on some warm colors and a yummy image. Kinda makes me hungry. I wanted to keep everything simple since I did not want to be up too late. The colors came from a card by Ana Wohlfahrt's. She used Saffron, Marigold and Rose. I added the Olive. I also have some SU DP from the pallet of prints. The stamps are Lockhart Cupcake big and small, Itty bitty background, and French Flair. Ink colors are Banana, Marigold, Tea dye distress ink. The ribbon is from Walmart. It looked so pretty that I just had to try it somewhere. There are 6 gold brads, faux stitching details with the White Signo Gel Pen, and last I made a charm out of the smaller cupcake. My question is do I keep the charm, or ditch it? I tried to ask hubby, but he kinda gave his standard response of 'eye rolling' and "beautiful" and finally " I thought you weren't going to stamp tonight". Oh well so much for that.


Susie said...

Keep the charm. Wonderful card - lots of detail. Love it!

Jackie said...

Love that! I think I need that cupcake stamp.

beate said...

Sophia, your cupcake card is gorgeous. Love the scallops, the glitter, the ribbon, layout, faux stitching. So many cute details!

libby said...

This is such a yummy card! I think it would still be adorable without the charm, but the charm is a super cute & different addition - I'd say leave it! :-)

libby said...

Meant to add - your husband's comments cracked me up. Can relate to that sort of "helpfulness". :-)

Markie's Mom said...

Great cupcake! I love the faux stitching!

chelemom said...

I just found your blog and love all of your cards! The cupcake card and the kitty! Sooo cute!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, fabulous! I just found your blog through Libby's Little Addiction and I'm loving everything you do! Adding you to my sidebar so I can come back and visit again!

Andrea Walford said...

This is such a gorgeous card. I love all the little details that you incorporated.

Julia Stainton said...

Oh this is soooo darling! love it!especially the little danglies! :)

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