Friday, June 01, 2007

It was originally my plan to post a card before we left for Ottawa. Unfortunately My card is only half complete. I had to actually go to bed early "shock" so that I could be up early to pack and weed and close up the house. My husband has ankle surgery on Monday, so we figured that we could get some family time in. My mum and dad hail from Ottawa, and I live in a small military community about 2 hours away. We have nothing up there, so I am pretty excited to be near Michaels. It's not very often that I can visit. I should be back by Monday night and should have something to post by Tuesday ( cross my fingers). It all depends on my Hubby's state. ( he broke his ankle a year ago in two places, and now is going back to get all that hardware out again. He hopes to have it healed up before training for the next tour begins). So I know I will be pretty busy for the next couple weeks since I will be flying solo, but I shall still hopefully have plenty of time to stamp!

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Libby Hickson aka stampinlibby said...

Hope your hubby's surgery goes well, and have lots of fun at Michael's! :-)